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Stats: +3 Str, WS, and WP
Speed: 8
Equip: Knife, Sword, Axe, Hammer, Shield, Heavy Armor

Basic Actions:

  • Speed Break – Deals half weapon damage and adds 2 speed counters to enemy
  • Power Break – Deals half weapon damage and makes enemy weaker((?))
  • Magic Break – Deals half weapon damage and interrupts spellcasting

Advanced Actions:

  • Cleave – Hits multiple adjacent enemies
  • Double Break – Use two Break attacks
  • Shield Charge – Charge and knockback, stun, interrupt, etc.?
  • Shield Bash – Low damage and interrupt spellcasting, free action?
  • Cover – Mark ally within 3, until next intercept one attack against ally


  • Weapon Guard – Use weapon to block
  • Caution – Enter defensive stance when taking damage


  • Equip Shield


  • Advancing Guard – Move half speed and gain armor?


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