Abilities are your character’s defining traits. They determine your role in combat and can provide additional bonuses off the battlefield. Abilities are equipped into ability slots, the number of which differs depending on the category of ability. Abilities, aside from your class’ action set, can be changed during any extended period of rest.

Abilities are divided into four categories:


Your character’s special attacks and spells.

  • Each class uses an action set to define their powers. Active abilities encompass all of a given class’ spells and special attacks.
  • Each character always has two Active Ability slots. The first is always occupied by your current class’ ability set. The second can be changed as normal.

Dickbutt is a level 9 Summoner. This means that his first active ability slot is occupied by the Summon action set. He had previously taken two levels in White Mage, so he decides to use the White Magic ability set in his second active ability slot. This gives him access to his Summon powers in addition to his previously learned White Magic.


Support abilities offer a wide variety of benefits, but have a less dramatic impact on your character’s role. Most are passive benefits, but support abilities can include special attacks and spells. Most races grant a special support ability.

  • Each class has a selection of support abilities in addition to the general support ability pool.
  • Each character begins with two support ability slots and gains another every five levels.


Reaction abilities are powers that are triggered when certain requirements are met. For example, the iconic Counter ability grants you a chance to strike your enemy when attacked.

  • Reaction abilities can be triggered in a variety of ways, most commonly taking damage.
  • Each character only has one reaction slot.


Movement abilities change the way your character moves around the battlefield.

  • Movement abilities generally enhance your movement speed or offer other mobility effects.
  • Like reactions, each character only has one movement slot.


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